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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Why would West Virginians want an independent senator?

Democrat Joe Manchin told voters he would protect our Second Amendment rights if we elected him to the Senate. Once he got in, he proposed more gun control.

How Obama became the first communist president

The use of the state to spy on and infiltrate the campaign of a political opponent is the final proof of the truth that we have averted our eyes from for the last 14 years.

Barack Obama is a communist. Mild compared to Castro or Mao, but nevertheless a believer in state control of everything.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

China is Trumped

Add getting a better trade deal from China to the list of President Donald Trump's promises made, promises kept.

Five days after opening the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem -- another promise kept -- China said it will “significantly increase purchases of United States goods and services” and “help support growth and employment in the United States.”

Trump played the media again this week

The Washington media's war on President Trump was another catastrophe this week. While they played their gotcha games, the president saw his popularity rise, the Democratic lead in the congressional races fall, and the sun shine brightly over the land of milk and honey.

By the end of the week, the press had sided with terrorists, Kim Jong Un, MS-13, and the Obama administration spying on political opponents.

Magic won't solve the opioid problem

The Opioid War begun by Big Pharma has ravaged West Virginia. The state's politicians are desperate to try anything that will work, except jail, which does work.

And so we have this needle exchange program.

Rapper is 59th inductee into the Trump Effect Hall of Shame

Mac Miller broke into the top echelon of rap at 19 with his tribute to Donald Trump's wealth called, "Donald Trump." The 2011 video has had 143 million views.

Miller is Pittsburgh's answer to Eminem, and like Eminem, Miller went full anti-Trump, tweeting, "Just please don't elect this m-----f----- man."

Friday, May 18, 2018

AP needs to delete its Marxist bias

We all make mistakes, but that does not make mistakes innocent. Indeed, the corrections by the Associated Press are very revealing.

Cavuto turns off Trump viewers

"Fox News was No. 1 in April 2018, which means it is officially the most-watched cable news network among total viewers for 196 consecutive months. The network averaged 2.4 million total prime time viewers in April, which is No.1 not just for cable news, but No. 1 across all of basic cable. FNC also averaged nearly 1.4 million viewers across total day, again No. 1 across cable. Fox News has been No. 1 in total day viewers for 22 consecutive months," TV Newser reported.

You look at the ratings and notice the new Fox News lineup is kicking it.

How to tell people Obama screwed up in Libya

The media was so blind to the ineptitude of Barack Obama and his flunky Hillary that President Trump has to explain to the American people just what a fiasco Obama caused in Libya. Trump and his national security adviser John Bolton did so this week.

And they used the Wile E. Coyote media to get the message through.

De-funding Planned Parenthood

The Hyde Amendment has prohibited federal funding of abortions for 42 years.

For 42 years the swamp critters have ignored the law.

No, for 42 years they have broken the law by funding the nation's largest chain of abortion mills, Planned Parenthood.

President Trump is ending that, and the left is seething with anger.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Has Obama stopped spying on Trump?

Barack Obama planted at least one spy in the Trump campaign, according to the New York Times. Of course, he did not do that directly. As always, should any of the spy team be caught or killed, the president will disavow any knowledge of their actions.

They called this operation Crossfire Hurricane, a nod to the Rolling Stones tune, "Jumpin' Jack Flash," which is a nod to the Stones being the victim's favorite group.

Obama spied on you, too, Mitt

Barack Obama embedded at least one spy in the Trump presidential campaign, according to the New York Times. That is on top of Obama's wiretapping.

The Times has known about this treachery for more than a year, as Obama shared transcripts of those wiretaps with the Times before President Trump took office.

Gambling isn't healthy

While West Virginia Republicans are high-fiving themselves over having a sports betting law in place ahead of the Supreme Court ruling that states can do this, the reality is this is yet another step on the road to perdition.

Press keeps getting Trump-Kim wrong

Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump are not cartoon characters. They are intelligent, skilled negotiators who are determined to use the end of the Korean War to their best advantage.

The American media cannot handle this because journalists are too lazy to think for themselves. They always need some State Department minder to guide them through international reporting, and the State Department is outside the loop on this one.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

“Just quit talking down to me.”

On December 20, Democrats averaged 13-point lead over Republicans in the polls for the midterm congressional races. Two days later, President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law.

Now that lead is now 5 points.

Liberal bitter because insurance company profits fell

Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post wrote, "This is what a death spiral looks like," about Obamacare. She meant the death of insurance company profits.

Schumer goes Jimmy Carter on Trump

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer dusted off Jimmy Carter's line from the 1976 presidential debate and asked on Twitter, "Are you better off today than the day @realDonaldTrump became president?"

Knocking nearly a point off the unemployment rate would indicate that people are better off. (4.8% then, 3.9% now.)

Europe caught cheating on "free trade"

The mantra from the Establishment is free trade, free trade, free trade. That is the answer to everything. In fact, NAFTA promised to reduce illegal immigration. And, job growth was halved.

But after telling us our woes were merely being uncompetitive, the World Trade Organization (hardly a friend of the United States) just blasted the European Union for cheating Boeing out of contract.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More than 10% of appellate judges are now Trump appointees

The Senate confirmed President Donald Trump's 20th and 21st appointees to the circuit courts today, despite Washington Joe Manchin.

He represents West Virginia -- the Trumpiest place on Earth -- and five times he has voted against Trump's appellate court appointee. Maybe I should put air quotes around represents.

Trump is the dove with the olive branch

Ari Fleischer, President Bush 43's first press secretary, is upset at the New York Times coverage of the opening of the Jerusalem embassy.

"No violence in the West Bank. No violence in Jordan. No protests in the Arab Street. Only Hamas. Only a terrorist group that urged its militants to attack Israel. Terrorists who refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist. And this is how the NYT covers it. Shame," he wrote.